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It all started when...

I received a letter in the mail. He said, "The guards here say they are into a program called, 'CrossFit'. You might want to check it out.' So I Googled the term and picked a video that popped up from 2006. The workout I watched lasted less than 3mins, and I'd never seen such a thing. Everything about the video was new to me, and I wanted to try it. It took me over 13mins to do that workout! So then I wanted to learn more, and I went to what is called in the CrossFit community as the "main site". I read an article called, "What is Fitness", which explained the science behind the methods used and it was on! I quit my current routine, which was mixed martial arts, because I realized there was a big hole in what I defined as "fitness". Come find out how to use what I learned to take you to where you wan to be, no matter if it's a sport goal or a body goal. It's all the same once you get the hang of it.