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We promise you 3 things:

 1) Peers: If you're new (or not) to CrossFit, we have members at the same stage of learning and development as you. 
 2) Fitness: You will become stronger, faster and improve all markers of health by training at least 3hrs per week.
 3) Support: A community that misses you when you're not in class.  

My name is Mike Libbie, and I'm anxious to coach. CrossFit CWE is about developing not only fitness but just as importantly creating an atmosphere that turns strangers into friends who thrive on seeing each other in class as much as possible. Experiencing a team of individuals who are personally invested in your fitness, who improve only when the group as a whole improves and a coach obsessed with personal and team development is the hallmark of CrossFit. As it's said, the rising tide lifts all boats.